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Pinned  Introduction to the HTTP API v 2.0

Jul 05 2012 10:41 PM | marcog in HTTP API

The Visible Energy HTTP API is designed for communication with Visible Energy products using Smart Outlet technologies, such as the UFO Power Center and the Monostrip that have an embedded HTTP server. The API is for local devices, that is for use with clients on the same WLAN of the device. All functions are RESTful, and stateless, synchronous operations. They are simple to use and yet allow for powerful applications to be developed, either as server-side scripts, Javascript front-ends or mobile applications.

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Automation API

Jul 07 2012 10:59 PM | marcog in HTTP API

The Automation API includes functions to control the on board socket relays, automatic socket timers, one-shot timers, overrides and socket roles.

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Network Configuration API

Jul 22 2012 08:45 PM | marcog in HTTP API

This functions provide an interface to all network configuration parameters and support remote servers of a device.

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Device Configuration API

Jul 14 2012 09:22 PM | marcog in HTTP API

These are the functions that allow configuration of the device, including the RTC, LEDs, descriptive names for sockets and other basic device parameters.

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Power API

Jul 07 2012 07:52 PM | marcog in HTTP API

The Power API allows to access the internal device measures for instantaneous power consumption for each specific socket and the entire device. The article describe the HTTP functions that return power in Watt.

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Energy API

Jul 07 2012 08:53 PM | admin in HTTP API

The Energy API allows to access the device energy persistent memory log and to retrieve energy consumption for individual sockets or the entire device, for different periods of time.

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