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Can't connect to UFO that's just been set up

UFO Power Center Support 26 May 2014
I just received the UFO. Plugged it in, connected to it in Adhoc Mode, configured my WiFi, and all that worked. The UFO is getting an IP address from my router, but I cannot connect to it with either the iPhone or iPad apps. On the iPad app, it gives me an error "Error from device undefined...
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UFO drops offline

UFO Power Center Support 12 May 2014
I have a new UFO running firmware v3.82. The UFO boots correctly and I have it on my network. I can connect to it from my iPad and also from the web portal. If I leave the UFO idle for a period of time it drops off the network. I'm unable to ping it. Is this possibly a faulty unit or is the...
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Android version

Suggestions for new features and products 12 Mar 2014
I can't work with my device from anything but an iPhone or iPad??  Come on.  How about a web interface or Android app?  I have a registration number for the device but no where to register it and nothing found in search for "register."  Come on...
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How many power center hubs can I monitor from the iOS App?

UFO Power Center Support 01 Mar 2014
Before I buy, I need to know the following.. I have several rooms in the house that I want to monitor - each separately. Assuming I will buy one UFO unit per room, I want to know if the App can handle more than one UFO unit. I downloaded the App for my ipad, and see "Living Room" listed,...
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Sporratic Behaviour and Entire Portal Down

UFO Power Center Support 01 Mar 2014
I purchased a UFO Power Center yesterday and after finally getting it running I noticed that it has been working only sporratically when it comes to interfacing with my iPhone and also the web interface. For example when I try to create a schedule event, and I start with the outlet set to be com...
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