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Android version

Suggestions for new features and products 12 Mar 2014
I can't work with my device from anything but an iPhone or iPad??  Come on.  How about a web interface or Android app?  I have a registration number for the device but no where to register it and nothing found in search for "register."  Come on...
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How many power center hubs can I monitor from the iOS App?

UFO Power Center Support 01 Mar 2014
Before I buy, I need to know the following.. I have several rooms in the house that I want to monitor - each separately. Assuming I will buy one UFO unit per room, I want to know if the App can handle more than one UFO unit. I downloaded the App for my ipad, and see "Living Room" listed,...
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Sporratic Behaviour and Entire Portal Down

UFO Power Center Support 01 Mar 2014
I purchased a UFO Power Center yesterday and after finally getting it running I noticed that it has been working only sporratically when it comes to interfacing with my iPhone and also the web interface. For example when I try to create a schedule event, and I start with the outlet set to be com...
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Power outlet not responding to timer?

UFO Power Center Support 10 Jan 2014
I have an outlet setup to with a single timer that doesn't turn on or off at the prescribed times. My timer.xml for the outlet looks like this: <strip mac="000BDA"> <socket position="0"> <timers total="2"> <timer days="smtwtfs...
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Retroactive schedule and variable consistent state on pow...

Suggestions for new features and products 29 Sep 2013
Hi, I got an UFO power center from Amazon, it seems a very useful tool for me, I like every feature in it, except for the schedule and the state of the socket after a power up, the timer feature is what drove me to get this unit, let's suppose I want it to turn something on for 15 minutes eve...
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